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AdaptiQ Minds

Who We Are

At AdaptiQ Minds, our purpose has always been simple.

We supply scientifically validated research and tools to help individuals and teams embrace ambiguity and thrive and adapt during complexity and uncertainty.

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Our History

Research shows that organisational change fails 60-70% of the time. However, to remain relevant and succeed, organisations need to successfully embrace and adapt to change.

AdaptiQ (adap-tick) Minds was founded with the express intent of addressing the rate of failure following the implementation of organisational change.

Our sister company and change management consultancy, Change2020, partnered with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to explore the contributing factors to the high levels of change failure and work on solutions to improve outcomes for individuals, leaders and organisations as a whole.

Through a series of pilot programs, case studies and assessments, the partnership developed The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® assessment tool, along with a research-based learning program.

Together these initiatives fast-track the behavioural and attitudinal adjustments needed for employees, regardless of position, to not just adapt to uncertainty and change but rise to new challenges and meet them with confidence and a mind open to opportunity.

From this collaboration, AdaptiQ Minds was born.

What We Do

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You want to build individual, teams and organisational capacity in navigating ambiguous times and events.

We supply the tools and knowledge to empower your practice.

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You want to select candidates with existing strengths in thriving and adapting during ambiguity.

We provide insights of their adaptability so that you can recruit with confidence.

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You want to know how to successfully capitalise and thrive during constant change and ambiguity.

We develop scientifically validated insights and solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® assessment tool developed by AdaptiQ Minds, is the only diagnostic tool globally that gives direct insights into individual and organisational tolerance of ambiguity.

AdaptiQ Minds is the only organisation world-wide that delivers training and accreditation in the use and application of the tool.

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Embrace ambiguity. Ask us how the Indicator of Ambiguity® assessment tool can help your organisation flourish.