Indicator of Ambiguity
(I Am)® Accreditation




Our Accreditation Program builds the capacity of coaches, people leaders, and human resources specialists to transform individuals and organisations to embrace ambiguity and rise to whatever challenges come their way.

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Become Accredited

The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Accreditation Program provides you with the underpinning knowledge and skills to support your clients understand their current tolerance of ambiguity in the work environment and then develop the skills to thrive in challenging, complex and ambiguous environments.


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Accreditation Workshops

Our Accreditation Workshops develop your knowledge, confidence and capacity to apply the Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® data, reports and applications, and then expertly assist your clients with strategies to gain comfort with ambiguous and uncertain scenarios. Our workshops are hands-on, exciting and practical.


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Accreditated Practitioners

Find an Accreditated Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Practitioner to help you measure how well people embrace ambiguity, manage the lack of clarity, and adapt to change in your workplace.


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