Indicator of Ambiguity
(I Am)® Accreditation Workshops


Build your capability to transform individuals & organisations

If the last two years have taught us anything, we must learn to transform our relationship with uncertainty and ambiguity. We cannot ignore it and run from it; rather, we need to embrace it.

It is abundantly clear that relying on ‘tried and true’ ways of managing change no longer works; we need a new way for today’s way of work. The volatility, pace and complexity have changed our way of work forever, and individuals and organisations need to be ready.

That doesn’t mean simply reacting to the next challenge that comes our way (because they will continue to come) but being equipped to meet it when it arrives.

There is one tool that prepares individuals and organisations for whatever gets thrown at them, and that is the Indicator of Ambiguity®.

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  • Understand their current tolerance of ambiguity in the modern working environment
  • Recognise how their response to ambiguity impacts their performance and well-being
  • Adopt skills and techniques to perform and flourish despite the ambiguity
  • Minimise stressors related to uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Fast-track their comfort with uncertainty and build leadership capability
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Why Get Accredited?

To use and apply the Indicator of Ambiguity® with your clients, you must first become accredited in its use.

The I Am® Accreditation Program provides you with the underpinning knowledge and skills to effectively, legally and responsibly administer, interpret and assist your clients with the findings from the I Am® reports.

AdaptiQ Minds are the only organisation globally that are qualified to provide training and accreditation in the Indicator of Ambiguity® tools.

Course Outline

The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Accreditation Program is broken down into three core components:



You will learn the technical aspects of the research. You will gain confidence with the data and understand the ins and out of the report.

Full Day



A highly engaging, experiential, and hands-on session where you will explore how skills and techniques can be applied to gain comfort with ambiguous and uncertain scenarios. 

Full Day



You will practise with real data from your nominated client, who will complete their I Am® in advance of the workshop. You will share your experiences with your I Am® Community (maximum of 8-people per session to maximise engagement, feedback, and learning) and build skills to debrief the I Am® Report and apply the I Am® Self Development Guide.

Virtual 2-hour session

Transform Your Skills

On Accreditation Completion

At the successful completion of the entire accreditation program, you will:

  • Be licensed to purchase and use the I Am® Tool and Program with clients.
  • Be confident using the I Am® Tool and Program with individuals and organisations wanting greater capacity to manage ambiguity.
  • Understand Tolerance of Ambiguity and its implications for performance, behaviour and organisation results.
  • Be confident in understanding and debriefing I Am® assessment results and have an increased ability to provide comprehensive and supportive feedback to your clients.
  • Understand how you can use the I Am® Tool and Program during a range of interventions with a client or organisation.
  • Be issued with an I Am® Accreditation Certificate.
  • Be licensed to promote your I Am® Accreditation in your marketing.
  • Be eligible to join the I Am® Community – a global network of coaches, change agents, HR practitioners and consultants.

Your Accreditation Team

Be personally coached by world-leading experts Kerryn Fewster and Bruce Sullivan in this highly engaging, hands-on and exceptionally relevant Accreditation Program.

Kerryn Fewster

As founder and director of consultancy Change2020, Kerryn Fewster has spent the last 25 years working with Australian business leaders to help them manage workplace disruption.

Kerryn has worked with leading Australian and global businesses in the area of transformation, leadership development, coaching and embedding culture change programs enabling businesses to flourish and perform.

Kerryn is a leading expert in change and ambiguity and specifically how it can impact individuals in the workplace, having coached some of Australia’s leading CEOs and business leaders and worked with Australian and global businesses in transformation, leadership development, coaching and embedding culture change programs enabling businesses to flourish and perform.

Kerryn Fewster Facilitator
Bruce Sullivan

Bruce Sullivan

Bruce is a dedicated and highly accomplished senior executive, entrepreneur, educator, leadership development professional and employee wellbeing consultant with his latest project being the inaugural Chief Wellbeing Officer for 22,000 staff at Australia’s largest Hospital Health Service. He has over 35 years hands on experience providing executive level leadership and support, strategic planning, and service delivery across diverse industries (within government and the private sector).

Bruce is an articulate communicator with the confidence to liaise, engage, and work collaboratively with broad ranging key stakeholders to build and maintain productive relationships. He is a resourceful and proactive problem solver and innovative change manager with an ongoing commitment to best practice and high performance. To sum up Bruce in a few words – highly energetic, driven and motivated. He’s personality and zest for life is both infectious and inspiring!

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive Coaches
  • Change Management Specialists
  • Leadership Coaches
  • People and Culture Specialists
  • Learning & Organisational Development Specialists
  • People Leaders

Course Approval Criteria

Course Pre-Requisites

Because of the potential deep psychological impact of this tool, we only accept accreditation enrolments in the Indicator of Ambiguity® from select practitioners who have demonstrated skill in safely and effectively debriefing and coaching clients.

You are required to complete at least one debrief during the accreditation process. As part of your enrolment, you are asked to nominate the person you will debrief using the Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am®) Assessment during the accreditation process.

Next Course

We hold only a limited number of Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am) ® Accreditation Courses throughout the year.

2023 Hybrid Accreditation Progam

Live Virtual Event

  • 1 x hour – I AM Accreditation Introduction Session – virtual
  • Dates and Times: Next Accreditation kicks off July 2023

On Demand Content available to access for 6-weeks

(To be completed prior to the Face to Face workshop)

  • 2 x 90-minute masterclass (interactive)
  • 4 x 30-minute content delivery


Face to Face Workshop

  • 9.00am – 5.00pm face to face and interactive delivery of content and key coaching / workshop content
  • Dates and Locations: To be confirmed


Virtual Team Debrief

  • 1 x 2 hour – facilitated session to share learnings, insights, wins, frustrations, other when debriefing your first customer
  • Date and Time: To be confirmed (approximately 6-weeks post the one-day face to face workshop)


The Hybrid Accreditation Program fee is $1595 plus GST. Additional people from the same organisation $995 plus GST.

To book, please complete our accreditation application form.