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Gerard has over 20 years’ experience leading and advancing the human resources profession within some of the most notable organisations across the mining, aviation, public health and financial services sectors both here in Australia and abroad.

In his consulting role Gerard works with individuals, executives and leadership teams across industries to maximise their effectiveness and achieve their personal and professional goals.


Having gained considerable experience leading the HR profession within large and complex organisations across Australia and abroad Gerard brings a well-rounded focus to all his engagements.

Throughout his career Gerard has been successful in guiding and supporting leaders through organisational change across the mining, aviation, public healthcare and financial services sectors. As a seasoned HR practitioner Gerard has led complex work teams towards the realisation of organisational goals through the delivery of efficient, integrated HR services and support. 

Over the past 20 years Gerard has been responsible for overseeing countless initiatives that have had a significant impact on organisational culture. Initiatives such as the design and delivery of industrial relations frameworks, the oversight and management of mergers and acquisitions, the resolution of complex employment relations matters and the alignment of workplace cultures and capability following major workplace transformations are examples of his experience.  


Throughout his career Gerard has continued to place an emphasis on the importance of balancing the objectives of an organisation with the goals, aspirations and need for psychological safety of all those who work within such entities.

It is Gerard’s belief that the role of a leader is to create an environment where work can be performed however leaders have a significant responsibility to ensure they do not harm those in their charge. A defining value for Gerard is the pursuit or organisational effectiveness through high-quality, authentic, and considerate leadership that will leave a positive impression on those that lead.

I Am®

The I AM tool is essential for any individual, leader or team seeking to understand their capacity for dealing with ambiguity. Through the use of this tool it is possible to identify where team members are likely to experience difficulty in responding positively to change and to move quickly towards positive action that will mitigate the unhelpful aspects of ambiguity.

Targeted 1:1 coaching sessions provide the perfect environment for individuals to explore their likely response to managing ambiguity in an environment that is psychologically safe and allows for the identification of positive actions to address resistance.

From a team perspective, the tool can be used to facilitate a collective understanding as to the impacts of ambiguity on groups and organisational goals. Through the highly collaborative and engaging “Adapt to Ambiguity” workshops teams are given the opportunity to explore, test and plan action that will have a collective impact on their work teams and their organisations.       

The adage goes “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”  The I Am tool provides the evidenced-based, analytical capability to measure the tolerance of ambiguity and to effectively deploy strategies that will assist in managing a response within the workplace. 

In light of this, the I Am tool is an invaluable addition to any change management, organisational alignment or self-development intervention!


  • Masters of Human Resource Management

  • IAM accreditation – 2023

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