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To remain relevant, embrace ambiguity

August 7, 2018 Posted by Ambiguity 0 thoughts on “To remain relevant, embrace ambiguity”

Change is occurring at a pace unprecedented in history.

For example, the Roman Empire essentially used the same military strategy to create its empire over 700 years with little modification, a successful model that had longevity. By contrast, military technology today is changing at lightning speed. It’s not that long ago that ‘drone warfare’ entered our vocabulary and enabled a ‘pilot’ to sit in an office in Arizona and fly missions anywhere in the world. The next step will be ‘drone warships,’ removing the need to have crewed ships.

Change is no longer a matter of choice. If you fail to change you will be left behind.

Amazon is currently developing the capacity to deliver parcels by drone. The recipient will spread out a receiving mat in the backyard and the drone will land and leave the parcel. Is the courier industry contemplating this development with their fleets of vans? It is easy for an industry to miss the wave: who goes to a video store any more? Movies are delivered to you or streamed over the internet.