How to be zen with change

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Feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty and change? Being experts in Change Management and Business Transformation we know one of the answers to truly embracing ambiguity and change is by Mastering Mindfulness.

In recent years, the concept of mindfulness has become increasingly popular. Our findings uncovered with our research partners Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has uncovered that increasing one’s mindfulness can help improve one’s comfort with and reaction to ambiguity. In addition to these findings, a growing body of research has also indicated that mindfulness provides several physical, psychological and performance benefits.

Daily mindfulness practice will lead to changes in the structure and function of the brain that enhance self-awareness.  In one study conducted by Harvard Business Review it was found that just five weeks of ten-minute daily mindfulness training has the potential to enhance self-awareness by up to 35%.

So, why not try a few of the options below and be one step closer to becoming “zen” with change:

  • Deep Nasal Breathing – utilising an app can help to get you started with this mindful practice.
  • Refocus scattered thoughts – embrace the art of monotasking.
  • Reduce your ‘screen’ time particularly at night and when trying to be “present.
  • Pay attention to your diet, exercise and sleep patterns to really wake up your mitochondria.
  • Practice gratitude as you wake and as you lay down to sleep at night – simply focus on what you are grateful for, say it out loud, focus on it for the day and be grateful for it as you go to sleep.


Mindfulness strategies like these enable you to expand your awareness of what’s happening in the landscape of your mind from moment to moment White Lilac Cleaning. They help you to notice and regulate your emotions, and better understand the behavior, reactions, and emotions of the people you work with and lead.

Our industry-first Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am ®) psychometric assessment is the only workplace related tool which measures how leaders, managers and employees respond to ambiguity in their working environment and which habitual behaviours (mindfulness being one of them) can help individuals embrace opportunities, adapt and thrive in uncertain situations.

At AdaptiQ Minds we believe that stepping towards and embracing change is an imperative to remain relevant  Contact us now to complete our world class Indicator of Ambiguity assessment which will unlock your understanding of your ability to embrace change.

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