Keynote Speaker

Kerryn Fewster



“We live in a world where the pace of change will only increase; standing still is simply not an option.”

For 20 years Kerryn has been working alongside leading Australian and global businesses in the area of transformation, leadership development, coaching and embedding culture change programs, enabling businesses to flourish and perform. She is a trusted confidant for leaders across diverse industries and a firm believer in creating a workplace where people are committed, developed and advocates for their organisation. Equipped with an enviable amount of experience supported by professional qualifications and accreditations, Kerryn’s talent for balancing straighttalking with humour ensures she adds true value to organisations.

Kerryn’s Approach

With a proven background in change consultancy, Kerryn is all too aware of the challenges that organisations experience in the face of change. Regardless of whether organisational change is planned, such as mergers, demergers, downsizing or expansion; or unplanned, such as changes to legislation, consumer behaviour, technology, new competitors or industry disruption, the fact is that change is unavoidable. With our pace of life, the immediacy of data and opinions and the sheer volume of information received on a daily basis, leaders need to develop the right skills to respond favourably and capabilities to minimise the fear associated with the unknown.

Leaders who can readily adapt, appear confident and can avoid conveying anxiety to those around them, are leaders who are embracing ambiguity. Those who tend to struggle most with ambiguity are those who like to be the one calling the shots, the one in control of the project, or the decision or the workshop, but desire for control is the enemy of embracing ambiguity.


Kerryn Fewster (Director, Change2020) explores how we are naturally programmed to eliminate ambiguity from our lives, but if we embrace it, how we can make better decisions, be more creative, be more innovative and seize opportunities for better outcomes.

Case studies are examined, as well as insights into observations and research that identify the critical skills required in the modern workplace. Finally, Kerryn delves into how we can form new habits to increase our ability to respond to change rather than react.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

Ozwater Conference 2018

Case IH Next Gen Step Up Transition & Innovation Conference 2018

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) 2018

QUT School of Management 2017

Australian Water Association (AWA) Conference 2017

Big Ideas Summit 2017

Robert Half Breakfast Series 2016 & 2017

St John’s Anglican Breakfast Series 2017

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