Learning Program

Equipping mindsets for positivity and growth

Our mindset can greatly influence how well we respond to stressors, cope with
uncertainty and bounce back from adversity.

Employees and leaders who are comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone, who can be proactive and not be distracted by trivial details, are better equipped to deal with ambiguity and organisational change. They are faster to adopt new ways and are more open to new ideas and processes, which allows for improved problem-solving, decision making, creative thinking and risk taking.

So how do you go about building more adaptable and positive mindsets in the workplace?

The I Am assessment tool is the first step in determining how comfortable your employees are with ambiguity and change. But what are the practical steps available to help those less comfortable with uncertainty adapt their attitude toward the unfamiliar?

Building greater adaptability in the workplace

There are a number of habits of mind that can be fostered to better equip employees with more flexible and open mindsets. Our learning program has been explicitly developed around these habits to help employees, and organisation leaders become better equipped at dealing with ambiguity.

Master Mindfulness

How to be fully aware and present  without being overwhelmed.

Be Assertive

How to take control of situations and influence others without aggression.

Find Focus

How to minimise distractions, set objectives, and focus on the task at hand.

Be Flexible

How to adapt to uncertainty and consider multiple perspectives to find a solution.

Cultivate Curiosity

How to query and challenge, and look beyond the conventional behaviour and practices.

Act Courageously

How to face fears, speak the truth and take steps toward the unknown.

Keep Moving

How to move on and learn from mistakes rather than dwelling on the past.

Think Differently

How to think outside the box or even create a new box to find creative solutions.

Our research revealed a strong correlation between positive habits such as creativity, mindfulness, courage, curiosity, flexibility, and increased comfort with ambiguity. Based on this finding, we’ve developed a range of learning modules that help increase creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Rather than artistic creativity, we aim to develop employees and organisational leaders to free their minds in order to explore different ideas and solutions. They will learn how to apply creative thinking to everyday situations from leadership and risk-taking, to day-to-day tasks such as how to hold meetings or source information.

Our suite of interactive development tools provide a practical approach to embedding positive habits that can be applied at every level of your organisation. Following your initial assessment, we provide a thorough, personalised debriefing to discuss the results of the I Am report and the specific development that will yield the most beneficial out comes.

Start changing mindsets and building positive habits in your workplace via our personalised learning programs.