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Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am) ® Recruitment Report

How well do your candidates deal with change, ambiguity and uncertainty?

In every workplace, some roles will require greater capacity for ambiguity than others. The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am) ®  tool can provide relevant insights about candidates comfort with ambiguity at any stage, from recruitment to advancement.

The modern workplace is experiencing change at exponential rates; never before has the pace and complexity of change been so evident in our job roles, for example:

  • Decisions must be made without the comfort of having all relevant data and information
  • New and unfamiliar problems need to resolved despite there being minimal or no experience in solving such problems in the past
  • The volume of learning material is overwhelming yet a commitment to continued learning is an imperative for success
  • Digital disruption, AI and Machine-Learning are impacting ‘how’ we do our work

The Indicator of Ambiguity assessment provides insight into how your candidates can and will respond to such change, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Being able to explore the assessment results with your candidates and extract specific and relevant examples to support their results (or otherwise) provides you with insightful data to support the recruitment process.

I Am – the first assessment tool of this kind

Change management consultancy, Change2020, developed this tool in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) based on their observations of employee behaviour surrounding organisational change.

Test participants completed a series of questionnaires centred around ambiguity in a workplace setting with responses analysed to assess comfort with ambiguity, a desire for challenging work and management of uncertainty. Additionally analysis was also conducted on creativity, personality and leadership to establish whether a high comfort with ambiguity had a relationship with these factors.

While there are many tools that assess the nature and preferences of employees, such as the DISC, MBTI and Big 5 type indicators, the Indicator of Ambiguity assessment tool is the first of its kind that specifically measures how well employees can embrace ambiguity and adapt to change in the workplace.

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