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How well do your candidates deal with change, ambiguity and uncertainty?

In every workplace, some roles will require greater capacity for ambiguity than others.

The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am) ®  tool can provide relevant insights about candidates comfort with ambiguity at any stage, from recruitment to advancement.

The modern workplace is experiencing change at exponential rates; never before has the pace and complexity of change been so evident in our job roles, for example:

Decisions must be made without the comfort of having all relevant data and information

New and unfamiliar problems need to resolved despite there being minimal or no experience in solving such problems in the past

The volume of learning material is overwhelming yet a commitment to continued learning is an imperative for success

Digital disruption, AI and Machine-Learning are impacting ‘how’ we do our work

The Indicator of Ambiguity assessment provides insight into how your candidates can and will respond to such change, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Being able to explore the assessment results with your candidates and extract specific and relevant examples to support their results (or otherwise) provides you with insightful data to support the recruitment process.

Talent Acquisition

As a Talent Acquisition professional, you are at the forefront of the challenges associated with the future of work; aiming to support your clients to find people who are able to adapt to and manage accelerating levels of change and uncertainty.

Talent Acquisition professionals are considered ‘partners’ to organisations; they are heavily relied upon to find the right talent at the right time and now more than ever, candidates who can demonstrate an ability to adapt to ambiguity and progress despite the lack of certainty.

The I Am® assessment provides insight into how your candidates can and will respond to change, ambiguity and uncertainty.

I Am – the first assessment tool of this kind

The I Am® assessment tool, developed in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) provides insights into employee behavioural response to organisational uncertainty and change.

The I Am® benchmark group completed a series of questionnaires centered around ambiguity in a workplace setting with responses analysed to assess comfort with ambiguity, a desire for challenging work and management of uncertainty.

The assessment also highlights linkages between behavioural responses to uncertainty and change and creativity, decision-making, complex problem-solving and leadership efficacy. Based on the Big 5 Personality Traits, the I Am® assessment tool is the first of its kind that specifically measures an employees’ tolerance of ambiguity and their adaptability to change in the workplace.

What does the I Am ® Recruitment Tool mean for me?

Put simply, it means that the I Am® assessment can provide you with evidence regarding a candidates’ ability to adapt to an ever-increasing change environment. The I Am® data provides you with a report detailing the candidates results and is supported by a comprehensive Interview Guide supporting the interview team to target specific areas of both opportunity and concern. The Interview Guide nominates the right questions and provides you with an indication of the desired responses.

fewer replacements

Fewer Replacements

Placing the person best equipped to adapt to an ambiguous environment or role can reduce the likelihood of clients using replacement guarantee periods due to a poor match or the candidate leaving, allowing you to focus your time on revenue generating roles.



Aligning a candidate’s tolerance of ambiguity with the level of ambiguity in the workplace can lead to lower attrition, therefore reducing the cost of ongoing recruitment and onboarding associated with high attrition rates.

competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Providing you with valuable candidate data which gives you a unique point of differentiation and enables you to make more robust decisions regarding shortlisting and hiring.

Accessing the I Am Recruitment Tool

To take the next step, you can book a one-hour introduction session where we will talk you through the Recruitment Tool including an overview of the assessment and the Interview Guide.

This session will provide you with the insights you need to share the value of the tool with your clients.

We are pleased to offer a free 30-day trial of the I Am® Recruitment Tool to get you started and discover the value the tool can add to you and your clients.

Following your introduction session you can commence your trial.

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