Professor Martin Betts – Deputy Vice Chancellor – Griffith University

October 17, 2018 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Professor Martin Betts – Deputy Vice Chancellor – Griffith University”

Griffith University and the tertiary education sector is experiencing tremendous challenge, but with this challenge comes opportunity. Understanding my personal tolerance of ambiguity in the workplace, along with my leadership team provided us with a solid platform to better understand where we should allocate effort and resources to optimise the change opportunities. Kerryn facilitated an engaging, informative and relevant workshop thoroughly enjoyed by all and the best part, we all know a little more about ourselves and our teammates and we have some tangible actions to embrace ambiguity going forward.

Brenda Carson – Manager Leadership Capability – Stanwell

October 17, 2018 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Brenda Carson – Manager Leadership Capability – Stanwell”

At Stanwell, we are committed to preparing our workforce for the future of work; the complexity and increasing pace of change and challenges and opportunities that uncertainties can provide. We included the Indicator of Ambiguity as a key assessment tool in our leadership development program to provide leaders with a view of personal and collective perceptions and responses to uncertainty. We explored the habits identified as key to building a tolerance of ambiguity and better understand how to modify or influence current behaviours, patterns and thoughts.