Top 3 tips to stay motivated in 2019

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New year, new you. It’s the perennial January catchphrase that holds such conquer-the-world promise. And then, well, you get sidetracked with conquering your to-do list. But even the loftiest resolutions (losing weight, running a marathon, landing that dream job or writing a book) don’t have to fall by the wayside come February. Staying motivated by making some habitual changes ―and achieving what you set out to do on that bright New Year’s Day―is surprisingly possible.
Our top 3 tips for staying on track are:

1. Find focus:

Gain a clear mindset- one step at a time- always in a forward direction. Our recent research with QUT Business School found that “Focused individuals get themselves organised and map out their goals to be clear on the actual tasks and deliverables, essentially chunking it down to tackle one bit at a time. They seek to minimise distractions and noise and focus their attention on the key tasks at hand while looking to get clearly defined goals into place. The ability to focus, to be really focused, is the critical characteristic all achievers need to create the results they desire and deserve.

2. Be held to account.

Share your goals and ambitions with the people around you. Having the support of others can both inspire you and hold you to account. Encourage them to check in on your progress; you will not want to report to your ‘supporters’ that you have failed or given up, rather knowing they are ‘keeping any eye on you’ can inspire you to work even harder to get what you want. You never know who will inspire you during this process. You may even inspire others to achieve the best version of themselves in 2019.

3. Keep Moving forward:

You may have bumps on your track towards achieving your goals but instead of those changes having a derailing affect try to learn from the mistakes. It is important not to dwell on mistakes but to learn from them. By mobilising thoughts, you are able to move forward. Do not blame yourself (or others) for mistakes nor have regrets or rethink too much, visit A person who is moving forward is focussed on a continued movement forward; they do not live in the past, and they focus on the possibilities that unknowns and lack of predictability can provide – and most importantly they don’t look back.

Contacting AdaptiQ Minds is a step towards making those goals stick and embed as habits in 2019. With our interactive mindset training; today is the day to start your journey to the new you.

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