Indicator of Ambiguity
(I Am)® Accreditation


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Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Accreditation

Become a Leader in Helping Your Clients Navigate Ambiguity

The Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Tool is the only psychometric tool globally that measures how well people embrace ambiguity, manage the lack of clarity, and adapt to change in the workplace.

It provides you with data and insights which enables individuals to better respond to our increasingly volatile and chaotic world of work and allows you to directly accelerate your client’s ability to perform and lead, despite the unrelenting pace of change.

When you become accredited in the Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Program, you gain a unique edge in helping you transform individuals and organisations.

Access to accreditation is strictly limited to ensure individuals and organisations receive the highest quality debriefing and coaching from some of the best coaches and consultants in the industry.

As an accredited I Am® practitioner you can lead, encourage and inspire your clients, peers and organisations to be ‘ready’ for our ever-changing world.

More Than Just a Change Readiness Tool

The I Am® Program goes deeper than ‘change readiness tools’: it identifies the core emotions and behaviours that lead to people resisting change and struggling with uncertainty.

Once you understand people’s emotional barriers to change, you can design the right solution and coaching program to fast-track their ability to embrace ambiguity.

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Global-first and academically research-based

The I Am® Report is beautifully presented, easily interpreted, and includes self-paced activities to dive deeper into results.

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Rich with Content

The I Am® Self-Development Guide is rich with content and activities which can be used in workshop and coaching settings.

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Clear Skill Development Path

Eight skills have been identified as key to building a tolerance of ambiguity, and they are mapped to the I Am® Report results.

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Easy Administration

Housed in a modern, responsive, online survey system that can be used on any device at any time.

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The I Am® Community use the I Am® Tool and Program to complement their existing suite of assessments and approaches to supporting their clients, specifically with:

Individual coaching

Individual Coaching

One-on-one Executive, Leadership or Professional Development coaching.

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Team Coaching

Build team capacity and shared understanding of team dynamics during times of change.

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Transformational readiness, leading through change, ideas generation, strategic planning, skill formation and application.

Change preparation

Change Program Preparation

Lay the foundations for successful change management programs with team selection and preparation.


  • Understand their current tolerance of ambiguity in the modern working environment
  • Recognise how their response to ambiguity impacts their performance and well-being
  • Adopt skills and techniques to perform and flourish despite the ambiguity
  • Minimise stressors related to uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Fast-track their comfort with uncertainty and build leadership capability
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Enhance Your Skills

Becoming Accredited

AdaptiQ Minds are the only organisation globally that are qualified to provide training and accreditation in the Indicator of Ambiguity® tools.

To become accredited, you need to successfully complete one of our Accreditation Workshops, where you will gain a foundation in the Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)® Reports, tools and strategies to increase client’s capacity to thrive during ambiguity.

You will also practise with real data from a nominated client, and then share your experiences with your I Am® Community to build your skills to debrief the I Am® Report and apply the I Am® Self Development Guide.

Because of the potential psychological impact of this tool, we only accept accreditation enrolments from select practitioners who have demonstrated skill in safely and effectively debriefing and coaching clients.

Find out more about our Accreditation Workshops