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Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. Focus on the intersection of creativity and tolerance of ambiguity to drive innovation, engagement, and agility.


Certificate of Professional Management from the University of Calgary, DVM from Ontario Veterinary College, with experience in a variety of settings including non-profit, global consumer packaged goods, clinical work, research academia and technical writing. Speaking to leadership and healthcare audiences since 2019 on the benefits of everyday creativity to personal well-being, resilience, innovation and performance.


I approach my sessions like a mullet: Fun up front, data in the back.

I believe that information does not have to be boring to be credible. My superpower is condensing technical information into digestible, actionable and easy to understand takeaways.

My goal is to meet the needs of my client by curating a personalized yet highly curated experience that leaves attendees thinking a new way about how they can approach challenges, and with the optimism to implement changes immediately.

I Am®

The IAM tool is used as a pre-conference assessment to determine the thoughts and position of an organization or team, so that the content can be delivered at the right place for that group. Additionally, the IAM assessment is used within smaller team workshops to connect deeply with the material for self understanding and finding opportunities for leaders and teams to move forward together.


  • IAM accreditation – 2024
  • Certificate of Professional Management (University of Calgary)
  • DVM (Ontario Veterinary College)
  • Creative Problem Solving Facilitator

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