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Janine excels in relationship building, both on a personal and professional level. This proficiency empowers her to foster open and honest dialogue with stakeholders across all levels, especially when they find themselves grappling with uncertainty and ambiguity within their workplace.


Janine’s client sectors encompass a wide range of industries, including local government, tertiary education, car manufacturing, utilities, and retail.


Janine’s dynamic style, engaging delivery, and knack for cutting through to the core of the matter make her a highly effective advocate for customer engagement and an inspiring communicator of what can be accomplished. She possesses the exceptional ability to clearly articulate the necessary steps to achieve success while instilling a sense of motivation in others.

With a deep understanding of the customer journey and the invaluable skill of seeing through the customer’s perspective, Janine gains profound insights into the ever-evolving expectations. This enables her to craft customised workshops that deliver long-lasting outcomes.

Driven by a genuine love for learning and fuelled by her innate curiosity, Janine expertly shapes client workshops and coaching conversations. This proves invaluable as her clients navigate the complexities and transformations within their respective industries.

Janine is keenly aware of the substantial evolution of customer expectations and the continuous changes they undergo. Staying well-informed about these shifts, along with exploring innovative approaches to customer service, remains a pivotal aspect of her work.

I Am®

Janine’s integration of the I Am tool into her consulting practices empowers leaders to navigate the ever-changing landscape with proactive strategies. Through coaching sessions and workshops utilising this powerful tool, participants cultivate self-awareness, fostering personal growth and honing their leadership skills. Additionally, the I Am tool proves instrumental in identifying and addressing areas of organisational culture development, fostering alignment and resilience.


  • IAM accreditation – 2023

Happy Clients

Janine was confident and clear, and I believe delivered the material in an easy-to-understand way.

This was a fantastic session with a presenter possessing a thorough and varied knowledge of the customer journey. Janine was very engaging and was quite skilled at including a variety of personalities in the room which was interesting to observe along with the content.

I found it to be an amazing session! Found the session useful, think it’s a great initiative for everyone to do (especially the focus on the concept that we are all customers of each other).

SAMANTHA HUDSON,                 

Senior Administration Coordinator

eSolutions Monash University


We use Janine Mitchell for our customer engagement training.  She is fabulous and we are currently running customer empathy training sessions with her. She also conducts more practical sessions such as handling difficult interactions and more importantly turning these into one that ends with a great outcome and can step the team through the process.  In an environment that can be unpredictable with customer demands, Janine’s training style has a way of being very relatable and our team love working with her.


Customer Service Co-Ordinator

Wyndham City Council



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