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Meet Samantha Rush

Samantha Rush is a curiosity-driven person who loves exploring the magic that happens when different ideas combine, creating something new. She helps individuals, teams, and organisations to unravel complexity and facilitate decision making that challenges thinking and safeguards psychological safety.


Samantha Rush is a practical, and highly experienced Corporate Executive, P&L Owner, as well as an independent Company Director and Advisor. With a unique and multifaceted skillset including sales, risk, governance, strategy, finance transformation, business intelligence, project management, change management, and operational efficiency, she is a trusted expert in delivering results.

Samantha has successfully held end-to-end P&L responsibility for a $120+m portfolio, driving product and channel diversification, revenue growth, portfolio and product profitability, best practice customer value delivery, and responses to regulatory inquiries and customer remediation programs. Her strengths in integrity, inspiring trust, and authenticity have earned her a reputation for excellence among stakeholders and clients.

Aside from comprehensive and diverse experience, Samantha’s qualifications include an MBA, Psychology, HR and Industrial Relations, and she is currently undertaking a PhD researching decision making.


Samantha is passionate about all kinds of growth and progress and has faced plenty of ambiguity and tough decisions during her time in Intelligence and Corporate Executive roles, as a Company Director, Business Advisor and Strategic Consultant across multiple sectors and industries. Her deep understanding of complex issues and ability to identify core issues rather than symptoms enables her to deliver meaningful solutions that have a real impact.

Samantha’s work connects people, system, information and process in a way that helps to smooth out the decision making continuum. Her expertise and commitment to making a positive impact make her an attractive choice for organisations seeking a trusted partner to drive progress and achieve progress.

I Am®

The I Am is an exceptionally helpful tool in developing self awareness, a critical component of leadership. This diagnostic is a key part of Samantha’s toolkit, whether she is working with an individual to be their best self, teams to optimise their priorities, ways of working, and performance, or organisations to develop strong leaders, equipped for the unknown.


  • IAM accreditation – 2023
  • LSI / GSI – 2022
  • National Mediator Accreditation (2021)
  • GAICD (2021)
  • Certified Chair, Advisory Board Centre (2020)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional (2014)
  • PhD Candidate, University of QLD (current)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of QLD (2012-2014)
  •  Grad Dip Psychology / Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (First Class Honours), Central Queensland University (2009-2011)
  •  Bachelor of International Business / Grad Dip Japanese Language / Grad Dip Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, Griffith University (1995-1998 / 2001)

Happy Clients

Samantha has a knack of breaking complex down into components and transferring ambiguity into clarity. 

Tony Schreiber, Orrcon Steel


Samantha is an authentic, passionate, and committed leader who gets it done. She is unafraid to tackle big issues and has a talent for ‘cutting through the noise’ creating a structured ways forward for even large or complex issues. Samantha also builds strong interpersonal relationships. This provides her with credibility and allows her to guide the people around her through new ways of doing things, or challenging times and periods of large or rapid change.

Naomi Feast, Medical Indemnity Protection Society



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